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    Five Habits Can Extend Tire Life
    time:2018-12-28 16:50:35      click:420

    1. Make it a habit to check the tire pressure at any time. Pressure is the key to prolong the life of tires - tyre pressure often exceeds 20% of normal pressure, which will reduce the life of tires by 10%. If it is often lower than 30% of normal pressure, the life of tires will decrease by 52%.

    2. Pressure must be consistent. The tire pressure is the life of the tire. It is too low, the deformation of the carcass increases, and the side of the tire is prone to cracks. At the same time, it causes excessive heat, accelerates rubber aging, tire fatigue and cord breakage.

    3. The habit of regular removal of foreign bodies in tyres. When a vehicle is driving on the road, some stones are often squeezed into the tread crack of the tire. If these pebbles are not removed in time, they will puncture the tire in a long time, leading to air leakage or burst.

    4. Driving habits meet scientific requirements. When driving on the road with bigger camber, we should try to drive in the middle, avoid and reduce the deviation of the car's center of gravity, reduce the increase of tire load on one side and cause uneven tire wear.

    5. Keep the front and rear wheels aligned accurately. Front wheel alignment has a great influence on the service life of tires, especially the front wheel harness and front wheel camber. Front wheel camber accelerates shoulder wear, i. e. eccentric wear, while front wheel bundle accelerates tire wear both inside and outside.

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