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    Daily Maintenance of Bicycle Tires
    time:2018-12-28 16:58:02      click:599

    In addition to carefully removing impurities such as stones, glass and metal scraps for the tire after each ride, what to do afterwards: after cleaning the tire, clean the tire with water and then wipe it with a clean cloth, avoid grease, hydrocarbons and corrosive substances sticking to the tire, causing the tire to deteriorate, and also prevent direct sunshine. If you don't use a bicycle for a long time, you should inflate the tire to 70-90 psi (5-6 bar) - - referring to the road car, and put it in a balanced position.

    Another reason: if the tire is insufficiently inflated, it is not only easy to burst the tire speed, but also because of the structure of the French air nozzle, the more sufficient the air is, the less easy it is to run out. I need a little boost now for two weeks. Normally speaking, of course, every time I finish riding, I have to let off part of it and fill it up before the next ride, but I'm too lazy to do so. The new inner and outer tyres work well together, and if they are pumped enough, they will be sealed tightly. I only find sand when I'm short of breath.

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